An Accommodating Spouse

Marriage, like dating, progresses in steps. Two people begin their marriage with goals, but these are not always set in stone. One person may say they want to buy a home and raise several children, but this may only be to appease their spouse. Their true wish could be to travel the world, but they are willing to wait until the children are grown and the couple has retired. When they explain this to their partner, an accommodating spouse will help them achieve their dreams. This is the basis of a good relationship.

Trying to accommodate all the needs of a spouse is not always realistic, and couples understand this. Sometimes it is the effort that counts, and other times lack of achievement will destroy the relationship. For couples who are incompatible on certain issues, accommodation is important for maintaining the relationship. Those with different levels of sexual desire understand this, and they often reach an agreement early in their marriage. She may prefer to be intimate rarely, and he will become a male masturbator. This arrangement satisfies both their needs, and it makes the marriage work.

Not all spouses are willing to be accommodating, but those who are will help their partner in any way they can. Purchasing a virtual reality headset to view VR porn is a thoughtful gift for a partner with a large sexual appetite. It is a way to show support for a partner's needs, and it shows approval of their habit of watching virtual reality porn. Both people in a relationship like this are willing to accommodate each other in a positive way.

If a marriage is to succeed, taking a spouse's needs into consideration is important. Learning their needs and helping them accomplish them shows a partner cares, and they want their spouse to be happy within the relationship. As long as the couple agrees to the accommodation, it will keep their marriage stable and happy for many years.