A Friend for Dating

Singles without their own long term relationship may be pushed by their married friends, and the situation can become awkward over time. Rather than buckling to the pressure to pick a person, they could find a friend for dating. This person should be someone they like and respect. The two of them understand the relationship is about mutual protection when spending time with married friends, and it is not meant to go further. It is a breathing space for both of them.

Dates should be about moving forward into a stable relationship that may last for a lifetime, but there are times when that is not possible. Singles should wait until they find that one person who will complement their life instead of complicating it. While their married friends are in a hurry for them to take a big step into commitment, it is not a good idea until they are ready. Bringing a friend as a date gives them the freedom to bypass that scenario while having fun with their married circle of friends.

There can be times when two friends find their mutual need for each other can result in a relationship. It sounds like the perfect scenario for a movie, but it may not work well in terms of real life. The need to find someone who fits perfectly for a long term relationship does not always mean friends are suitable for a long term relationship that leads to marriage. They get along well, but there may be chemistry missing between them.

Satisfying friends is part of life, but it should never be a reason to get married in haste. Avoiding a bad relationship that can drag a person down is important. Staying single until the right one comes along is the best way to ensure a happier future, but bring a friend as a date in the meantime can result in instant happiness for two singles.