The Need to Stay Single

There is a saying that love makes the world go round. Many people believe that true love will be part of a long term relationship such as marriage. Their belief stems from the fact that two people will only know each other well when they have been together for years. Not many people can conceive of a good relationship that will last without the legal binding of formal marriage. They do not understand how two people can remain together when they choose to stay single.

There are many people that do not function well in a relationship. Sometimes it is because they are too aggressive and must always be the boss. Sharing responsibilities is difficult for someone with this type of personality. Other people are completely opposite. They get into a relationship and are overwhelmed by the other person. This is true even if the other person is not the type to run roughshod over others. It is simply the case that some people do not flourish within permanent relationships.

Staying single is now becoming a good choice for people that recognize marriage is not for them. They can easily find partners for no strings attached sex. This relieves the pressure to be married to obtain physical intimacy. Being with a person for this reason does not involve either person in a relationship. It is easy for them to keep up their lifestyle while getting what they need.

There are many people that would rather spend their time with friends and family. They have a fuck buddy to take care of their intimate needs. Relationships are never the goal of fuck buddies because they are seeking only physical intimacy with someone they find attractive. This type of arrangement has become more acceptable over the last few years.