Companionship without Marriage

Few people can go through life completely alone, and society has long counted on this to enforce the concept of marriage. A person who does not want to make that type of commitment will find they are socially isolated once friends and family members get married, and they suffer the consequences of their failure to find a spouse. When this occurs, they find there is a vast gulf blocking them from participating in social events and holidays.

Committing to the wrong person is nearly as bad as refusing to make a commitment, but few people see it that way. They feel a person can make almost any relationship work, and if family and friends approve of a date they are marriage material. People who want to wait for a good commitment now have an easy alternative in escort agencies. They can find a good companion for their friends and family to admire, but they need not make any commitment or relationship plans.

The single life is often lonely, but those who want to wait for the right person are willing to suffer through long nights alone. The problem is often being shut out of events with family, and this is one reason to hire an escort. An escort agency can provide a choice of escorts for paid companionship, and this includes attending events held by family and friends. It gives the single person the illusion of being with someone, but they need not worry about making a lifetime commitment.

It might be best to bring different paid companions to events over several years, and this will give people the idea that settling down with the wrong person is not in the cards. While the group may continue to push the issue of commitment, they are less likely to do so when it appears the single person is truly attempting to find a lasting partnership.